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Beyond the Classroom: Linking Mathematics Learning with Parents, Communities, and Business and Industry
February 1998. Teaching Children Mathematics. Stock #674, $10.00.

Elementary School Mathematics: What Parents Should Know About Problem Solving/Estimation by Barbara J. Reys
20 pp., 1999, Stock #701, $11.95.

How to Use Children’s Literature to Teach Mathematics
75 pp., 1992, Stock #428, $17.95.

Involving Families in School Mathematics: Readings from Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Arithmetic Teacher 74 pp., 2000, Stock #739, $18.95.

The Wonderful World of Mathematics; A Critically Annotated List of Children’s Books in Mathematics
355 pp. 1998, Stock #673, $33.95.

The Young Child and Mathematics
186 pp., 2000, Stock #757, $13.95.


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