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What browser do I need to use this site?  

Figure This! is best viewed with Internet Explorer® 5.5 for the PC, or Internet Explorer® 5.1 Macintosh Edition for the Mac. This will start a small application which will download the appropriate software for your machine. The full download should take about 100 minutes on a 56K modem.


Download IE5 Now

Internet Explorer for Macintosh



Netscape Navigator® 4.x is available for both the PC and the Mac. The download should take about 90 minutes on a 56K modem.

  Download Navigator 4.7



Unsupported Browsers: The following browsers are not supported at Figure This! because of errors in their code or failure to implement standard protocols:
PC Internet Explorer prior to version 4.0;
Mac Internet Explorer 5.00
PC/Mac Netscape prior to version 4.71, and version 6.0
If you are using one of these browsers, please use the links above to obtain a free upgrade.



Do I need any other software to use this site?  

As the Internet develops, new technologies come into widespread use. Plug-ins are software designed to "plug into" existing browsers to extend their capabilities. As new methods are incorporated into Figure This!, you'll always be able to download the plug-ins from this page.



Adobe Acrobat Icon

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is free software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files, denoted by the icon at left. These files are often used to view and print web documents off-line. The download should take about 15 minutes on a 56K modem. Once installed, you can view and print the Challenges here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader



Shockwave® Player is free and available to everyone on the Web. Shockwave Player is available for Windows, MacOS, America Online, and Netscape Navigator. The download should take about 10 minutes on a 56K modem.

Macromedia Shockwave



Flash® Player is a vector graphics animation player. It is free to download and use. You may already have Flash if you are using IE5 or Netscape4. If not, you can upgrade or get the full product here. The download should take about 3 minutes on a 56K modem.

  Macromedia Flash  

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