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  Figure This!

Introducing Figure This!
This 6-minute video introduces key features of Figure This! challenges and shows families working together on challenges. The video also highlights other support material for families. Play the video.

NOTE: The video may take a moment to load. When the video window pops up, watch the gray bar at the bottom which indicates the movie is loading. When it finishes, click the "Play" button underneath it to start the video. You can also use the controls to rewind or fast-forward through the scenes.



If you have trouble playing the video at left, try the following:

  • Upgrade your Browser
    We also suggest you upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 5.0. Click on the following links to go to the download pages for these browsers.

Download IE5 Now
Internet Explorer for Macintosh

Install the browser upgrade first (if necessary), then click on the Download QuickTime link and follow the instructions to install QuickTime.

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