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Widmeyer Communications is a full-service communications firm specializing in the development and implementation of outreach strategies surrounding public affairs and policy issues. We are widely recognized in Washington, D.C. and nationally for our proven ability to develop the right strategy needed to gain visibility, influence audiences, move agendas, change perceptions, and win policy battles.

Since 1987, Widmeyer Communications has served dozens of trade associations, government agencies, coalitions, nonprofit organizations, foundations, companies, and other clients. Providing a full array of services, we have orchestrated major public education, social marketing, and media efforts, executed communications strategies designed to influence targeted audiences and lawmakers, built coalitions and grassroots efforts, created or reshaped images, and expanded the influence of organizations.

The Widmeyer Communications team has years of experience in media relations, marketing, strategic planning, writing, opinion research, association management, and government relations. The individuals on our account teams bring diverse backgrounds to the firm, having served as top communications professionals, worked on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch, at major networks, newspapers, and trade journals, for associations and the advocacy and public-interest community, in national and local political campaigns, and in the corporate sector.

Widmeyer Communications has always been known as a premier media relations firm and -- as the media environment has become more sophisticated and competitive -- this remains one of the primary services we provide. We are noted for our ability to make complex ideas understandable and newsworthy in a way that gives our clients’ positions maximum visibility.

We regularly place our clients in major daily newspapers, magazines, network broadcasts, TV and radio news shows, and on the opinion pages of leading newspapers and other publications. And every day, we monitor dozens of daily newspapers, magazines, and important journals, as well as the network news broadcasts to capture coverage of our clients’ issues and to follow the latest trends in issues and media coverage.

The image or message presented by how something looks or sounds can be as important as what it says. With an in-house creative staff of writers, strategists, graphic designers, artists, and video-production specialists, we develop the most cost-effective products and materials -- including videos, brochures, reports, presentation materials, and Web Sites.

At Widmeyer Communications, we pride ourselves on our ability to create and deliver messages that resonate with decision makers and the public, to turn controversial or unknown proposals into well-received ideas, and to translate complex concepts into easily understood and accepted propositions. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their objectives and we stay focused on their bottom line.

For more information about Widmeyer Communications, visit www.widmeyer.com.

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