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Figure This!

(Challenge #)Challenge Title


Equations, linear

(8)Stamps, (30)Smiles, (58)Gone Fishin', (74)The Race


Functions, compare & contrast

(7)Double or Not, (50)Animal Ages


Graphs of Lines

(8)Stamps, (50)Animal Ages, (65)Tan-Don't Burn


Modeling problems

(1)Line Up!, (29)Salaries, (42)Rose Bowl, (44)Table for 19, (77)Movie Money, (80)Gifts Galore


Patterns, representing

(6)Which Way?, (8)Stamps, (11)Play Ball!, (41)Radar Bills, (80)Gifts Galore


Problem Solving using Symbols

(21)Body Mass, (30)Smiles, (58)Gone Fishin', (60)Number Tricks


Rate of Change, constant

(7)Double or Not, (29)Salaries, (33)Access Ramp


Representations, comparing

(7)Double or Not, (11)Play Ball!, (21)Body Mass, (29)Salaries, (60)Number Tricks



(21)Body Mass, (60)Number Tricks, (75)Glide Ratio




2-D and 3-D figures, properties

(3)Popcorn, (4)Don't Fall In, (15)Big Trees, (35)Fire Hydrant, (54)Cut the Cake, (55)Decorating Boxes, (76)Visualizing


2-D representations of 3-D figures

(9)Mirror Mirror, (40)Putt-Putt, (54)Cut the Cake, (55)Decorating Boxes, (57)Envelopes


Connections to other disciplines

(3)Popcorn, (4)Don't Fall In, (5)Upside Down?, (37)Map Colors, (43)Seeing Stars, (51)Bar Codes, (56)Drip Drops, (62)Keeping Cool


Coordinate Geometry

(8)Stamps, (79)Morphing


Geometric models of algebraic concepts

(45)Three Squares, (46)Time Zones, (54)Cut the Cake


Induction and deduction

(4)Don't Fall In, (20)Who Played Whom?, (42)Rose Bowl



(6)Which Way?


Scale Drawing

(61)Statue of Liberty


(59)Japanese Floors, (61)Statue of Liberty


(5)Upside Down?, (9)Mirror Mirror, (40)Putt-Putt, (41)Radar Bills, (49)Angolan Designs, (73)A Shard or Two, (79)Morphing




Angles and Length

(9)Mirror Mirror, (10)What's My Angle, (39)Patios, (40)Putt-Putt, (44)Table for 19, (66)Airport Runways


Area and Circumference

(15)Big Trees, (23)Fractals, (32)Windshield Wipers, (39)Patios, (54)Cut the Cake



(1)Line Up, (2)Beating Heart, (3)Popcorn, (10)What's My Angle, (15)Big Trees, (47)VCR


Metric and customary units

(34)Faster, (67)When in Rome


Rates and velocity

(1)Line Up, (2)Beating Heart, (16)Beanie Babies, (18)Tern Turn


Scale factors

(23)Fractals, (61)Statue of Liberty


Surface Area & Volume

(3)Popcorn, (12)Chocolate!, (62)Keeping Cool


Units, appropriate

(3)Popcorn, (15)Big Trees, (34)Faster, (74)The Race


Units, relationships

(10)What's My Angle, (34)Faster, (67)When in Rome




Compare and order decimals, fractions, percents

(14)Battling Averages, (17)Perplexing Percentages, (25)Grape Juice Jungle, (36)Majority Vote



(22)Combination Locks, (31)Tournaments, (37)Monday's Child



(6)Which Way, (13)Thirteen! Oh No!, (46)Time Zones


Large numbers and notation

(2)Beating Heart, (7)Double or Not, (11)Play Ball!, (28)Pigeonholes, (56)Drip Drops


Percentages >100 and <1

(17)Perplexing Percentages, (36)Majority Vote


Ratio and proportions

(14)Battling Averages, (24)Gasoline Tanks, (25)Grape Juice Jungle, (47)VCR


Solve problems with decimals, fractions, percents

(3)Popcorn, (8)Stamps, (14)Battling Averages, (15)Big Trees, (47)VCR, (71)Archeology


Statistics & Probability


Averages, Centers and Spreads

(14)Battling Averages, (36)Majority Vote, (78)Bowl 'em Over


Collecting Data

(26)I Win!, (29)Salaries, (64)Wheel of Fortune


Complementary and mutually exclusive events

(36)Majority Vote, (63)Matching Birthdays, (68)Bones


Formulate Questions

(29)Salaries, (19)Two Points, (36)Majority Vote


Graphical represenations of data

(20)Basketball Picks, (48)Working Hours, (53)Census, (64)Wheel of Fortune, (70)Soda


Make conjectures about differences

(27)Life Expectancy, (29)Salaries, (71)Archeology, (72)TV Ratings


Make conjectures about relationships

(27)Life Expectancy, (29)Salaries, (68)Bones, (72)TV Ratings


Probability, Apply

(19)Two Points, (26)I Win!, (52)Capture-Recapture, (63)Matching Birthdays, (69)Misaddressed


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