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The musical equivalent to morphing is the segue.

The dimensions of a typical computer screen are approximately 800 by 600 squares, or pixels. Each of these almost one-half million pixels may display one of thousands of different colors and shades.

One step in the morphing of a full-screen image can be completed in less than 0.1 seconds.

To create the movie Toy Story II, animators at Pixar Studios drew about 4000 key storyboard sketches by hand. To create frames for these key sketches, they used computers to manipulate elements on the screen. After that, they relied on software to fill screens using variations of morphing.

In a style of painting known as pointillism, painters apply dots of paint to the canvas to create images. The French artist Georges Seurat (1859–1891) is perhaps the best-known artist who used this style.

Time Magazine in the fall of 1993 published an article entitled ”The New Face of America: How Immigrants Are Shaping the World’s First Multicultural Society.” The cover of that issue featured a “morphed” image of a woman using various racial and ethnic features over the caption “The New Face of America.”

At a typical movie theater, viewers are shown 24 different frames (or images) per second.

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