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Quick Answer:

Based on the information given, the headline is believable.


Complete Solution:

One way to analyze this situation is to consider two groups of teens in the study: those who drank soda, and those who did not.

From the table, there are 38 + 69, or 107 students who drank cola, and 5 + 52, or 57, who did not.

Of the 107 students who drank cola, 38 had fractures, or approximately 36%.

Of the 57 students who did not drink cola, 5 had fractures, or about 9%. The information is summarized in the table.

Had a
Did not have
a Fracture
Drank cola
38/(38+69) = 36%
69/(38+69) = 64%
Did not drink cola

5/57 = 9%

52/57 = 91%

Based on this information, students who drink cola seem to be more likely to have fractures. Just because an association exists, however, does not mean that drinking cola causes fractures. Other factors may be involved.

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