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Figure This!

Quick Answer:

Polygon does not need a jacket since 35° Celsius is 95° Farenheit.



Complete Solution:

In the diagram on the Celsius thermometer, the halfway mark is 50°, and the quarter marks are 25°, 50°, and 75° since there are 100 divisions between 0° and 100°. On the Fahrenheit thermometer, there are 180 divisions between 32° and 212°. One half of 180 is 90 and 90+32=122, halfway between. Similarly, the quarter marks are 77°, 122°, and 167°. The half and quarter marks on the scales should match. A temperature of 35° C is well above 77° F so Polygon would not need a jacket.

To determine the exact temperature, use the formula:

When C = 35°, the temperature is 95° F, and Polygon does not need a jacket.

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