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Figure This!


To minimize melting, the best shape to make ice from water is a sphere.

Does surface area affect how architects design buildings?

Why are some pills crushed before they are given to a patient?

Does a clove of garlic have more flavor whole or chopped?

Why is a ring of ice used in a punch bowl while cans of soda are normally put in crushed ice?


When people fall into cold water, the risk of hypothermia (dangerously lowered body temperature) is greater than that of drowning. If you are alone and wearing a life preserver, try the Heat Escape Lessening Posture (HELP; see fig. 1) Keep your arms close to the sides of your chest, cross your legs and pull them up as far as you can.

If you are in the water with two or more people, try the huddle position shown in Figure 2. Stay close together and keep still to keep colder water out. The huddle can help small children survive longer.

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