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Quick Answer:

The actual length of the nose is about 4 feet, 6 inches.


Complete Solution:

There are several ways to think about this problem. One way is to assume that approximately the same relationship holds between your dimensions and those of the Statue of Liberty. If your nose is 3” long and the length of your arm is 24” long, then the length of your nose is 3/24, or 1/8, of the length of your arm. If your nose is 1/8 of the length of your arm, then the nose of the Statue of Liberty might be 1/8 the length of her arm. In general, the length of her nose would be:

Another approach is to assume that the Statue of Liberty is similar in scale to an average person. In this case, the lengths of corresponding body parts should have the same ratio. (To estimate the lengths for an ”average person,” take a group of people, measure them, and find the average measures. Answers will vary depending on measurement errors and what was used as an average.) Using this method, the relationship would be:

For the example above:

so then:

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