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A drill bit based on the shape below, a Reuleaux triangle, cuts a square hole.

Reuleaux Triangle

The base of a Pepto-Bismol™ bottle is a Reuleaux triangle.

There is a Canadian coin that is basically the shape of a Reuleaux triangle.

Curves of constant width were studied by the Swiss mathematician, Leonhard Euler (1707-1783).

Reuleaux triangles were named for Franz Reuleaux (1829-1905), a German engineer, mathematician and high school teacher.

Though he never had a driver's license, Felix Wankel (1902-1988) developed the idea of a rotary engine for an automobile in the early 1920's. Wankel's design is based on a Reuleaux triangle.

Triangular manhole covers are used in some places in Minnesota.

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